No Deal's Done

1980s London: is the land of property deals that make or break careers. Ambitious but naïve Rupert Brett begins working in the West End. It’s a time of wild fashions, booming economy, heavy drinking and ambitious women. He discovers a world of corruption and insider trading, where knowledge is the real currency.

Corrupt developers are blackmailing and manipulating the markets with nothing as it seems and Rupert is drawn into the net. Someone is controlling the markets with insider knowledge.

A deadly female assassin: a close friend wants out and is killed, Rupert is framed for the murder, isolated and alone he must fight to clear his name. He is recruited by a clandestine police department and is asked to infiltrate the company.

Italy: Trailing the funds to Italy he finds money laundering, kidnapping and the key to the scam.

Teaming up with another female surveyor he launches a daring plan to expose the developer, but will he be in time to prove his innocence and keep them both alive? 

A Deal Too Far

Autumn, 1990: The Gulf conflict is erupting and the Middle East’s oilfields are burning, creating a global crisis as American conglomerates face financial ruin as they scour the world for new sources of oil.

Meanwhile, the IRA is suffering from moles in its ranks, its funding decimated as terrorism bites America and grips nations worldwide.

The British government is on red alert and MI6 is struggling as rumours of a second invasion of the Falklands swirl. The UN has refused Argentina’s claim to oil rights on the islands and now the fate of the nation and its black gold are at stake.

In London, property surveyor and TA soldier Rupert Brett is facing a crisis of his own. The international property market is imploding as fund managers haggle desperately with a world in deep recession. Rupert finds that his past comes back to haunt him when the authorities require his specific skills once more. Tasked by the government to open a new international office in Buenos Aires, Rupert is partnered in this international thriller by Chris Adams, a mysterious SAS operative, and thrust into a new and deadly game of international espionage where he finds that time is running out as the invasion approaches.

A Deal With The Devil

Rupert Brett is back and it is 1995, with the property markets raging and the Sub-Prime madness just beginning.

The Irish Sea, a shipment of drugs is intercepted, the IRA lose the cocaine and their most feared enforcer, Tir Brennan, is captured.

Deauville, a wealthy French aristocrat has a terrible accident with far reaching consequences.

Bogota, the head of the old drug cartels is dead and Ballesteros is now running new routes to the US and beyond.

The events are all linked and somehow drugs are being smuggled with impunity across the globe. With a source originating in Palm Beach, US, Rupert Brett is again asked to go undercover, with SAS Sergeant Chris Adams as protection. They must find out how the drugs are being smuggled into the corporate world of property, polo and high finance. The answers run deeper than either could imagine and a dangerous former nemesis returns, throwing their lives into turmoil.

A Deal On Ice

1999 and Rupert Brett is at the top of his game. He is head of Capital Markets worldwide and is given the challenge: open the Moscow office!

He finds corruption, powerful Oligarchs and a new Russian Leader Vladimir Putin. The UK Government is opening new boundaries with immigration relaxed. The two worlds begin to collide with Rupert in the middle: desperate secrets need to be kept by both sides.

Framed for murder, Rupert will have to call upon all his street wise cunning as a game of cat and mouse begins among the streets of Moscow and the corridors of power in London. He calls upon his old friend ex-SAS sergeant Chris Adams to help escape and an international manhunt begins.

© 2020 Simon Fairfax