• Simon Fairfax


I have given Rupert Brett a rest for a little while, so as not to get stale and have started writing my medieval series. The first of which will hopefully be released later this year.

Having done tons of research (including learning how to sword fight and wear armour) I am about halfway through my first book. But wow, has it ever slowed me down! Getting everything correct from the language, to the dress, attitudes and of course the fight scenes. Everything has to be spot on and authentic and yet not sound like Chaucer!

It is also great fun and I am immensely enjoying the project and new series. The book is set in 1410 and each of the five book series will start at the next year ending of course in 1415. It is such an exciting time period to be writing about and I hope that you find it so when you come to read the books.

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