• Simon Fairfax


It's a funny old life, the life of an author. I get up walk the dogs or go for a run, come back breakfast and retreat to my study to write. Repeat for lunch, then at supper time I finally see someone. Sleep repeat.

During the day I might have a telephone conversation with one or two people to arrange talks etc., nod to someone on my walk, but apart from that no human contact at all and the world spins around outside my little cloistered universe. So for me very little has changed: crisis what crisis?

I used to wonder if I was missing out, but then thought back to my past career which was terribly interactive: hundreds of calls each day, meetings, seeing people for lunch and travelling all over. All change. Yet thinking back to those times, I have tremendous sympathy for those trapped inside who want to get out. Being an author conditions you in a different way especially if one is disciplined and feel 'the need ' to write as I do.

However, I still find books a great form of escape, somewhere I can lose myself and be transported to another time and place, for a few hours, to escape reality and enjoy the outcome (hopefully) where characters are 'real' and the world is different place. For this alone I urge you to read and escape. My books or some other author that you enjoy, then no one can trap you and for a few hours you find happiness and enjoyment: happy book hunting!

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