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As you will probably gather I love carrying out the research for my books and this was no exception. Now on the fourth book of the series, A Deal on Ice, (there will be one more after this) with Rupert at the top of his game and so is sent to open the Moscow office. Where he goes I follow-or is it the other way around?

Well I or rather we, (my wife finally agreed to come) went out there in January and without stating the blindingly obvious, it was cold! But what a country and how incredible both St. Petersburg and Moscow are in real life. Despite all the propaganda about how it is not safe, I would say that it I have never felt safer in any city in the world than in Moscow. It just exceeded expectations in every way and the Russian are such a friendly, polite people. So much so that it was hard to imagine Rupert in any trouble, well almost!

We were guided around both cities seeing all the sites and things that would make book come to life. My thanks goes out to all those who agreed to be interviewed and were working in Moscow at the time my book was set, 1999/2000, including including two former UK ambassadors to Russia at the time: Sir Roderic Lyne & Sir Andrew Wood, who gave hours of their time to be interviewed.

But it was back in the UK that I had so much fun, seeing if I could break into Portcullis House, commit murder and get away with it- for this my thanks go to Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown and his team who gave me so much of their time and patience in explaining how everything works. Was I successful? How and who was killed? Well you’ll have to read the book to find out. It will be available in June from Amazon and in bookshops. There will be some free giveaways nearer the time so please join my mailing list to find out more.Life of an author, Deal Series, Rupert Brett

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