• Simon Fairfax

Seeing life through clearer spectacles.

There is little doubt that this crisis has touched all of us to a greater or lesser degree. We can all see the harm that it has done, but has it all been negative? The world will for the foreseeable future be a different place and may never go back to how it was, but is that necessarily a bad thing? I wonder.

I was speaking to someone a couple of weeks ago who is in completely different circumstances to me and in many ways a lot better off. Certainly financially. Yet he was taking stock of his and his family's life and making changes from the bottom up not just in business but at home as well. He said that he was .."looking at life through clearer spectacles..."

This struck a chord with me and I decided to do some house cleaning of my own, looking at my work to date and how I might improve upon it rather than just to continue writing my latest book. I had received a pretty rancid 1* review-my first- and it hit home as I knew that there were errors and weaknesses in my first book. I needed to do something about my shop window i.e. the first in my Deal series that everyone reads. It reflects upon the whole series and if not good enough, it will dissuade a reader from continuing to the rest of the books. So with my new editor and proof reader, I bravely asked him to review it and tell me what he thought. The advice was forthright yet necessary: new cover, re-edit, re-launch on Amazon etc., and make it reach its full potential. I didn't stop there.

I looked at my Amazon page, web site, marketing and how it could all be improved. It could. Suddenly I was looking at life through clearer spectacles for the better and it would never have happened without this crisis. So perhaps we can all benefit and I hope that you can too in some small way.

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