After Dinner/Event Speaker

Humorous and Enlightening Talks

I give talks on three different subjects which can last from 45 minutes or more, with Q & A session afterwards. I speak regularly at WI groups, Probus, U3A and many private groups throughout the country. The talks aim to be humorous, enlightening and entertaining, interacting with the audience.


The three subjects are:

1. The importance of research and how it affects the plotting of a novel from countries visited, character formation and structuring of plot lines.

The talk explores: descriptions of all the countries I visit in the course of my research, with scenes drawn from my experiences. Meeting with experts who prove or disprove my theories; weapons and getting inside the head of real people who influence the characters in my books.

2. Writing and publishing your novel, avoiding all the trials and pitfalls.


This talk explains the process of producing a novel from the inception of the writing process; how to avoid the usual mistakes with regard to: writing, Beta readers, proof reading, developmental editing, ISBNs, publishing process and cover design.

3. How to write a historical novel

This talk explores the different world and mentality that you, as a writer of historical fiction, must inhabit to ensure veracity throughout the length of your novel. From language, characterisation, period detail and finally, understanding the experiences and mentality of your characters.